Environmentally Friendly, Cost Effective Pelletized Asphalt Rubber Binder Modifiers for Hot Mix


The All-in-One Sustainable Paving Solution

The PelletPAVE™ family of products are high performance, engineered binder enhancer made of a unique blend of premium quality asphalt cement, crumb rubber made from recycled waste tires and other special additives. These materials are blended in a proprietary process into a pelletized form for easy and economical storage, transportation and use.

This convenient, all-in-one solution eliminates the expensive equipment needed, as well as the problems associated with field blending of asphalt rubber and the transportation issues that are typical with terminal blend.   


Performance Is The Key

All PelletPAVE formulas start with "wet process" blended and reacted rubber binder. Then in the pelletizing process, depending on the application, various additives are added creating a rubber modified binder that can be used to improve the performance of a wide variety of hot mix asphalt mix designs.   .

Improved mix properties include:

  • Increased tensile strength
  • More elasticity
  • Better adhesion and cohesion
  • Greater low temperature flexibility
  • Elevated high temperature stiffness



Energy Savings

PelletPAVE - Pellitized Asphalt Rubber BinderThe PelletPAVE pelletization process creates a pre-manufactured matrix of asphalt and modifiers with an outer shell coating to keep the pellets in a free-flowing form that is transported and stored at ambient temperature, thus saving enormous amounts of energy normally required to keep the asphalt as a molten liquid. This energy savings also greatly reduces CO2 emissions. 

At the time of use, the proportional amount of the PelletPAVE additive is mixed, either through a RAP collar of a continuous drum plant or directly into the mixer of a batch plant where it melts and is blended with the heated aggregate to produce a rubber modified hot mix asphalt.



PelletPAVE One Ton BagsContainer PelletPAVE PelletPAVE Bulk Loader PelletPAVE

Available in one ton Super Sacks or by bulk delivery



A Blend For All Your Paving Needs

  • PelletPAVE - Our flagship product, is used as an alternative to the difficult field blending process when the project specification calls for a high rubber content, high viscosity Asphalt Rubber binder. Typically used in gap or open graded mixes at an application rate of 2.5% - 3% (by total weight of mix) to meet Asphalt Rubber binders' requirements for Viscosity, Penetration, Softening Point and Resilience. PelletPAVE can be produced with any size/gradation of crumb rubber to meet local agency requirements.
  • PelletPAVE |TR - .Is used as a substitute for terminal blended rubber binder. This product is a specifically formulated PG 64 -22 binder with 12% - 15% of a very fine crumb rubber (SBR) used to enhance the performance of dense graded mixes.
  • PelletRAP - A rejuvenator that greatly improves the workability, compaction and performance characteristics of high RAP content hot mix. PelletRAP is packaged in 5 pound meltable bags and shipped with 320 bags per Gaylord box.
  • Special Formulas - The unique design of our production facility enables us to easily make changes to meet just about any customers needs. We can utilize a particular rubber gradation or binder type, or include a warm mix additive or polymer. We can even produce state specific material. Such as to meet the California (Caltrans) specification requiring the two types of crumb rubber and the use of extender oil.


Designed to meet the needs of the growing modified asphalt market, without all the hassles:

  • No need for agitated storage tanks
  • No more field blending at the hot plant site
  • No additional equipment required
  • No Environmental Permitting Necessary
  • No chance of material separating in storage tanks


Project Video Utilizing a PelletPAVE modified binder in an Open Graded Friction Course Pavement



PelletRAP Asphalt Rejuvenator for High Content RAP Mixes


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