Asphalt Rubber..........Simplified!

No need for agitated storage tanks

No more field blending at the hot plant site

No additional equipment required

No environmental permitting necessary

No odors typically related to field blended Asphalt Rubber

No chance of material separating in storage tanks


Energy Savings

PelletPAVE AR Bag

Transported and Stored at Ambient Temperature Until Needed


High Rubber Content Binder

PelletPAVE Binder

  PelletPAVE AR (Left) | Virgin Oil (Right)


Convenient Packaging

PelletRAP Box

Available in Super Sacks, Gaylord Boxes or by Bulk Delivery

Environmentally Friendly, Cost Effective Pelletized Asphalt Rubber Binder for Gap and Open Graded Mixes

PelletPAVE - AR is our flagship product. It is used as an alternative to the difficult field blending process when the project specification calls for a high rubber content, high viscosity Asphalt Rubber binder. Typically used in gap or open graded mixes at an application rate of 20% - 40% (by weight of total binder) to meet an Asphalt Rubber binder requirement for Viscosity, Penetration, Softening Point and Resilience. PelletPAVE can be produced with any size/gradation of crumb rubber to meet local agency requirements.

The PelletPAVE | AR formula starts with "wet process" blended and reacted ASTM D6114 defined rubber binder with a minimum of 20% crumb rubber. This convenient pelletized binder material eliminates the expensive equipment that was once needed for blending asphalt rubber binder at the hot mix plant site. In the past, a hot plant owner that did not have a rubber blending unit would need to contract that service out. Typically this requires a rather costly mobilization fee in addition to the blending costs. In some cases it would also require additional environmental permits to have additional CO2 and NOX generating equipment on site.

The pelletized asphalt rubber binder is an energy saver too. It is stored at ambient temperature at the hot plant site until needed. At the time of use, the proportional amount of the PelletPAVE | AR is mixed, either through a RAP collar of a continuous drum plant or directly into the mixer of a batch plant where it melts and is blended with the heated aggregate to produce asphalt rubber modified hot mix.

With PelletPAVE-AR you get the performance of wet processed asphalt rubber binder, but with the simplicity of the dry process delivery method.


Eliminate The Hassles Of Blending At The Hot Plant

Performance Is The Key

Improved mix properties include:

      ✔ Increased tensile strength
      ✔ More elasticity
      ✔ Better adhesion and cohesion
      ✔ Greater low temperature flexibility
      ✔ Elevated high temperature stiffness


Product Consistency

With a field blending operation the binder producer must work under the time restraints and schedule pressures at the hot plant imposed by the project. This can sometimes lead to shortcuts that can negatively impact product quality.

The PelletPAVE pelletization process is done in a dedicated manufacturing plant without time or project pressure issues. This lets us produce a precise, pre-manufactured product with dependable consistency.


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