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PelletRAP Hot Mix Rejuvanator



RAP Rejuvanator


Convenient Packaging

PelletRAP asphalt rejuvanator for hot mix

PelletRAP is packaged in 5 pound meltable bags and shipped with 320 bags per Gaylord box. Also available in bulk bags for hot mix plant use.



Rejuvanator for Asphalt Recyclers

PelletRAP works great with most all asphalt recycling equipment. Depending on the size of the asphalt recycling unit the equipment operator will simply add one or two meltable 5 pound bags per batch.

Environmentally Friendly Pelleted Rubberized Asphalt Binder for High RAP Content Mixes


Don’t Just Rejuvenate Your Mix….Modify It!

PelletRAP™ is a high performance, rubber modified, binder rejuvenator made of a unique blend of premium quality asphalt cement, crumb rubber made from recycled scrap tires and other light end additives specifically designed to revitalize badly oxidized pavement. This material is produced in a proprietary pelleting process for easy and economical storage, transportation and use. PelletRAP rejuvenator greatly improves the workability, compaction and performance characteristics of high RAP content hot mix.


Performance Is The Key

Patch with PelletRAP Rejuvanator


When a small amount of PelletRAP rejuvenator is added to heated RAP it creates an extremely durable hot mix material for pothole and utility cut repairs and base mixes, parking lots and driveway paving.


PelletRAP ITS-TSR Asphalt Rejuvanator


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