Performance Is The Key

  ✔Increased tensile strength

  ✔Greater low temperature flexibility

  ✔Better adhesion

  ✔More elasticity

  ✔Elevated high temperature stiffness

Energy Savings

PelletPAVE TR Pellets

Transported and Stored at Ambient Temperature Until Needed

Convenient Packaging

PelletRAP Box

Available in Super Sacks, Gaylord Boxes or by Bulk Delivery

Environmentally Friendly - Cost Effective Pelleted Rubberized Binder

PelletPAVE | TR is used as an alternative for terminal blended type rubber modified binders. This product is a specifically formulated PG 64 -22 binder with SBS polymer and 12% - 15% of a fine ground tire rubber powder. It is typically used to enhance the performance of dense graded mixes.




The pelletized rubber modified binder is a big energy saver. It is stored at ambient temperature at the hot plant site until needed. At the time of use, the proportional amount of the PelletPAVE | TR is mixed, either through a RAP collar of a continuous drum plant or directly into the mixer of a batch plant where it melts and is blended with the heated aggregate to produce asphalt rubber modified hot mix.



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