The PelletPAVEā„¢ family of products are brought to you by an experienced group of professionals at Phoenix Industries that are continually working to bring innovative materials and equipment to the modified asphalt industry.

Phoenix Industries originated in 1988 as Phoenix Environmental Ltd., a New Jersey based research and development firm established to develop remediation technology for various waste streams. In the late nineties the company entered into an agreement with a Fortune 500 Company to design and build a unique micronizing facility based on proprietary reaction technology developed by Phoenix Environmental. In 2005 Phoenix Environmental, through an associated Russian entity, was contracted by one of Russia's largest oil companies to install a waste tire recycling facility and asphalt rubber blending equipment in the Siberian region.

The success of this project spurred the establishment in 2007 of Phoenix Industries. Set up as a separate entity Phoenix Industries focuses on the design and fabrication of equipment and development of new technologies for the modified asphalt industry.

Recent developments have included multiple patents and patent pending innovations related to equipment designs, product formulations and material production processes.

With suppling equipment and products to over fifty countries, Phoenix Industries continues to build on its worldwide reputation for providing new, cost effective, environmentally sound solutions to the asphalt and recycling industries.


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PelletPAVE, PelletPAVE-AR, PelletPAVE-TR, PelletPATCH, PelletRAP, RAPrenew and HighFLEX AR are registered tradmarks of Phoenix Industries.