A Blend For All Your Paving Needs

PelletPAVE | AR

Asphalt Rubber Binder

PelletPAVE | AR Our flagship product, is used as an alternative to the difficult field blending process when the project specification calls for a high rubber content, high viscosity Asphalt Rubber binder. It is typically used in gap or open graded mixes to meet Asphalt Rubber binder requirements for Viscosity, Penetration, Softening Point and Resilience.

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PelletPAVE | TR

Rubberized Asphalt Binder

PelletPAVE | TR a substitute for terminal blended rubber binder. This product is a specifically formulated PG 64 -22 binder with SBS polymer and 12% - 15% of a fine crumb rubber powder used to enhance the performance of dense graded asphalt mixes or just to achieve a PG grade bump.


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Recycled Asphalt Rejuvenator

PelletRAP - A modified rejuvenator that greatly improves the workability, compaction and performance characteristics of high RAP content hot mix. PelletRAP is packaged in 5 pound meltable bags and shipped with 300 bags per Gaylord box. Also available in bulk bags for hot mix plant use.


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Rubberized Patch Material

This engineered pre-bagged, aggregate gradation and highly rubberized binder hot patch mix is ideal for pothole and utility cut repairs in both asphalt and concrete pavements. Packaged in 35 pound meltable bags and shipped with 56 bags per pallet.

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Hot Applied Crack Filler & Mastic Products

This highly rubberized, hot applied crack filler is specifically designed for filling larger cracks. HighFLEX has the highest rubber content of any crack filler on the market as well as other additives to help reduce shrinkage and make it longer lasting.

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Custom Pelleting

Products for Road & Roofing

Contact us about custom formulas utilizing a particular rubber gradation or binder type. We can also include a wide variety of warm mix additives, TOR, extender oil, asphalt shingles, fibers, plastic, devulcanized rubber, odor suppressants or polymers. We can do polymer concentrates up to12%.

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